MPS Porcelain for professional and domestic use

MPSManifattura Porcellane Saronno (MPS) since 1987 produces in Italy a wide range of porcelain ITEMS (more than a thousand shapes) for professional and home use. MPS is a dynamic company that, thanks to an advanced method of production and ...


DRESSIDressi J is a clothing company that was born in Naples in 2001 from an idea of the fashion designer and entrepreneur Carmen Sollo. For decades on catwalks around the world, she has presented his creative and revolutionary ideas, ...


SATURNIASaturnia Porcellane is a company with over fifty years of history and experience, specialised in the hotel, restaurant and café sector. Top quality manufacturing engineering, innovative technologies, high production capacity and superb human resources are the fundamental ...


RIVADOSSINature: a source of endless artistic inspiration. Natural materials, through their colors and patterns created by chance, offer many creative hints. The Cortina collection reproduces noble essences of precious woods, showed through perceivable objects, full of memories and elementary ...

Olympia - HARD COOK special cooking

olympiaHigh quality die-cast aluminum products with reinforced multilayer coating, items for special cooking that thanks to the special shapes enhance and facilitate the preparation of many recipes both Italian and other cultures.

Prepare a crepe, a baked pork ...

STEEL PAN Pan with patented handles

Casseroles, pots, fry pans, baking pans, fryers, pasta boilers, steamer pots.


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MPS - Linea Pebble design by Paolinidesign

MPSMPS offers a new line for finger food. Pebble line steals its shapes from nature. Finger foods are a new way of serving a meal; it began as a fashion, but became a real new way of ...

PANETTA CASALINGHI - chopping board with bark

Our chopping board with bark are the new idea for serving food in a rustic and special way.

All our chopping boards are oiled with cooking oil and for this reason they are suitable for food use. Every ...

Copertine home

Cerutti Inox


Cerutti Inox was founded in 1960 by Serafino Cerutti and is run today by the successive generation of ...



What is Sibania?
Who knows, may be an echo of a far away land, a word ...


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The MARENOSTRUM collection is the pinnacle of sophistication, in terms of form and content, that this exclusively ...

TICHE - tradition between sculpture and decoration

Born more than fifty years ago Tiche, faithful to its tradition, produces and proposes the same artistic ...

M.O.M. Manifattura Orologiaia Modenese

Design, exclusivity and concept from a land of mechanical passion

From the land of mechanic legends, comes the ...


Cheer up your everyday life with this breezy and enchanting item.
Just put it in ...

SIBANIA - the finest porcelain for unique objects

Since many years, not being sat¬isfied with the porcelain mix¬ture available on the market, at Sibania ...

CERAMICHE VIVA Arance e ortensie

"Does the Sun need words to shine?... Do the Flowers need words to blossom?
Nature speaks through ...

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