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The MARENOSTRUM collection is the pinnacle of sophistication, in terms of form and content, that this exclusively Italian glassmaking art is capable of presenting. The collection is inspired by the transparency and nuances of the sea, imitating its movements, its shimmering reflections and its ripples. Thanks to the advanced glass-blowing art, these objects soar beyond the static nature and customary symmetry of the vase, they are folded and moulded to express the energy and movement of the water, or to imitate the morphology of sea creatures and plants, and the colours of the sea in all the multiplicity of their shades - from the most delicate hues to the most intense deep blues. Some delightful examples really stand out from the rest: the models Alga (designed by Paulo Haubert), Oxigene (Designed by Antonio Caggianelli), Eau and Fleur (designed by Ivan Baj), and Anemonia, Reflet and Primitives (designed by Stefano Gaggero).


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