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What is Sibania?
Who knows, may be an echo of a far away land, a word heard by chance down the street, the name of a new-found Neverland…

Every porcelain piece by Sibania is absolutely unique, because of the technique that has no equals and allows no imitations: these statues are entirely shaped and painted by hand in the workshop near Vicenza, therefore each one is slightly different from any other, even of the same model. The dresses are made of thin porcelain sheets, on which textures are printed, and which are then cut following the original mock-up and patiently applied on every single statue; the hairstyle is also made piece by piece starting from porcelain filaments tied together. After the first firing at almost 1300°C, faces, dresses and accessories are painted with nontoxic colors and fired again at almost 1000°C.


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